infused tea + superfood

uni as a core value
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The Family story of Stéphane and Benjamin, cousins & tea lovers passionate about Asia.


The willingness to make accessible to everyone healthy and natural drinks from organic farming.


The fusion of infused tea and superfood to create drinks with proven health benefits.


A gourmet and refreshing range of drinks with a unique taste.

  • 2 formats: 33cl & 1L

    the best formats to share a healthy and tasty break with friends & family!

    • Made in France
    • Made in France
    • Real infused tea leaves
    • Real infused tea leaves
    • Natural ingredients
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • rich in antioxidant
    • Rich in antioxidant
    • never from concentrate
    • never from concentrate
  • enjoy a unique experience !

    Share a unique experience of freshness and well-being by rediscovering ice tea! Organic, low calories, and infused tea leaves, UNI offers you the best of ice tea!

a low sugar alternative

    • no sweetener
    • no sweetener

      our range of infused iced tea is guaranteed to be without any chemical additive.

    • low Kcal
    • low in calories

      because we make drinks for everyone, all our infused tea are low in calories. Only 15Kcal / 100ml.

    • with organic honey
    • with organic honey

      And just a touch of honey to bring a subtly sweet taste to our infused ice teas.

  • 100%
  • of our drinks are organic
    of our ingredients are natural
  • our commitments

    At UNI, bees are precious! We are developing beehive farms to repopulate their declining numbers due to pesticides. All income from honey sales will be used to improve the quality of life of tea workers

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  • premium tea

    All the teas we have selected are from organic farming and come from mountain regions renowned for the qualities of their terroir

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  • superfood is good

    Rich in minerals and vitamins, the superfoods we have selected offer proven health benefits.

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    UNI Food & Beverage, your partner to develop the french market !

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