premium tea

  • A Chinese legend dates the discovery of tea back to 2737 BCE. Shen Nong, father of Chinese medicine, had asked his subjects to consume only boiled water for health reasons. One day while he was boiling some tea leaves, he fell into the pot and he was immediately seduced by the taste.

    All teas come from one and the same species, camellia sinensis. It is by either blocking or triggering oxidation that the cultivators choose the color of their tea.

  • black tea

    Our black tea comes from the region of Darjeeling, in India, known for its pristine and cool climate. The family plantation that we have selected is more than 2000 meters above sea level. Its leaves offer a rich and complex bouquet of floral and vegetable tones.

  • green tea

    We have selected our green tea from the yen bai region in Vietnam, known for its high quality tea producing plants that are centuries old. The cultivation altitude, in particular, allows the tea plants to produce bright green tender leaves. The vegetable tones in these teas linger in the mouth with a burst of freshness.

  • white tea

    White tea makes use of more delicate cultivation options because of its more elaborate transformation method. Our white tea comes from the Fujian region of China and more specifically from the Wu Fi mountain range, known for the teas that are cultivated on its cliffs. It is harvested by hand at an altitude of more than 1500m. Its taste is subtle with slight aromatic tones.