• commitments

    We are committed to two essential ingredients in our recipes. On the one hand, the tea which is our main ingredient, and on the other hand, the honey. At UNI, the tea is organic. Our teas are infused and like all infused teas, the leaves are infused in its entirety. Pesticides used in the tea industry result in residues in the infusion. When you consume a UNI infused iced tea, there is no risk of pesticide residues. All our drinks are certified organic and all our ingredients come from organic farming.

  • priorities

    Pesticides not only have an impact on the leaves of non-organic tea that you can consume. Pesticides can have serious consequences for men and women working in tea plantations and the surrounding environment. Bee populations are declining sharply, as they are victims of collateral damage caused by pesticides.

    So, we have decided to contribute to their repopulation as much as we can. Our commitment is to reuse 5% of our profits for the development of beehive farms in France and in the regions where are teas are produced. The honey from our farms is then sold and the proceeds from the sales are donated to associations contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of those who work in the tea plantations.